The Ultimate Expression of Justice

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Five-fold, Hope, Kingdom of God, Truth | 0 comments

Soon the natural event of the solar eclipse will be over and we will return to life as we know it – a life where true justice can be absent for many people. My wife, Jan, is finishing her new book, Blessings of Hope and Joy. Jan is writing her blessings from the book of Isaiah. This morning, Jan shared a sentence from one of the blessings as we took communion. It was so profound that it made me stop and think about justice in a new way.

                  “His justice is His truth and the truth about Himself.“

After the eclipse event is over and you return to your regularly scheduled life you will face the seething turmoil that is roiling in our American culture. As you stand before any form of injustice remember this – each time the love of God is made known, justice is being released. If our version of justice is only “just us “and the fulfillment of our agenda, it will lack the supernatural potential to shift the direction of the culture. Our nation needs an encounter with God. That will be the ultimate expression of justice.


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