Riding the Rocket of Revelation

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Faith, Freedom, Kingdom, Prohecy, Revelation, Revival, Spiritual Warfare, Trust, Truth, Wisdom, Word | 0 comments

There are times when God will give you a word loaded with such power and potential, it feels like you are riding a rocket. At the moment of your launch, you begin to realize you are heading toward a target much larger than you first imagined. As the distance closes between the word and its final destination, anticipation begins to build as you come to realize God is up to something spectacular, something far beyond what you dared to hope for or even consider in prayer.

You are not responsible for the ultimate delivery of a word God launches toward a human heart. God has a supernatural guidance system built into each word He has you release. It will arrive and perform its assigned task. He also has the ability to take the word you prophesied in part and add it to a much larger revelation. He will rearrange the content of your word to fit through the narrow opening of a wounded heart and a protected human will.

In natural conflict, there is something called, “Collateral Damage.”  This damage brings unwanted death and destruction beyond the intended target. In God’s Kingdom just the opposite takes place. The word you speak will release collateral life upon detonation. You may think you are speaking to a single person or group but when the word lands and explodes it will release the tremors of resurrection life. What was dead will come to life. What was not yet imagined will appear. To set this miraculous process in motion requires your willingness to speak the word God gives you and the willingness to ride that word in faith toward its intended target. There are explosions of love on your horizon. Enjoy the ride!


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