I heard the Lord say, “Some things are coming apart.” Those words rolled around in my mind as the wheels of my bicycle rolled me along the road’s edge on my daily workout. My route was an 18 mile round trip. In both directions of travel, I saw bolts of all different sizes and shapes lying in the bike lane.  None of the bolts had a nut attached.  Each one had worked free from its original connection and fell to the pavement.

Bolts hold things together.  They are connectors.  This is a season where some relationships, ministries and alliances are coming undone. One ministry of the Spirit is to disconnect us from our current assignment in preparation for something new. These changes can be personally challenging. Your ability to remain transparent and humble in this process of change will determine if you are able to make the shift and move forward.

The reason these connecting bolts are coming loose is because this has been a season of rapid acceleration.  Things have begun to shake free at this new level of speed and vibration. Don’t rush to reassemble your past. Wait for the Lord’s instruction. Pick up the bolts from your current life experience and ask the Lord which ones fit His blueprint for this new season of your journey.  If the new assignment has no place for an old bolt leave it on the roadway and move on.  


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