Two gifts an older generation can give a younger generation are patience and encouragement. Apart from sudden miracles most things of value take time to develop. Patiently and honorably choose to remain present in the lives of younger men and women and try to see what they are seeing. They are seeing the future and they desire to walk forward with you into that unfolding reality. Unfolding things are not always crystal clear in the beginning.

No matter what hits the fan in the process of change, it has always been the encouragers who helped people find the next step forward, not the critics or the friends who allowed personal preference to erase relationship. 

Remember what is was like when you were young and people didn’t believe in you? You felt alone and dishonored. Our ability to believe is not limited to a list of doctrines and theology. Belief can mean giving people a break even when you don’t understand all that is taking place.


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