Early this morning, the Lord spoke to me. He shared three things:

       a word for pastors 

       a word about what is happening globally 

       a word about communion 

PASTORS: I wrote last week that this is a “before and after” moment in history.  When we return from this time of isolation, things will have changed. While the economy and quite possibly your church finances are experiencing a significant adjustment, none of this has caught God off guard. As an elder among pastors due to my age and years of service in that role, I want to encourage you to not lose hope. When all of this upheaval is over, you will return to a Church that may look and think differently. Don’t try to return to how things were before all of this transpired. This is a time to seek the Lord and ask Him to show you how He wants you to conduct the business of your ministry in a new way. In some cases, this will require a significant step of courage.

GLOBALLY: We are in a season of tremendous reset. Just as God has done throughout all of human history, He can turn what appears to be a disaster into a blessing. This is a Kairos moment where God will intervene supernaturally in human affairs. When humanity seems hopelessly trapped in fear and has lost all hope, God will intervene to display His love and goodness. He will use the hands of the Church to touch a troubled world. Our culture feels leperous and isolated. Be willing to touch human pain and sorrow with acts of love and mercy. 

COMMUNION: Consider taking communion with your family and friends. Do it every day if you can. It is the meal that heals. In your time of communion, draw upon the healing power of God. Pray for each other. Encourage the discouraged ones. Strengthen the weak ones. Let your communion become your primary fellowship in this time of isolation.


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