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In the Spirit, I was taken into a large secured room filled with multiple computer screens. In the natural, I would not be allowed entry into the room. Only people with the highest level of security clearance would be allowed to enter. Each computer screen represented specific graphs of information. The graphs moved up and down like they were measuring trends of data.

The computers were programmed to release a strategic attack when a cultural consensus reached a majority opinion. The nature of the attack was not revealed, only that we were close to a point of singularity.

The image was not shown to me to create suspicion. It was offered to raise awareness that evil action has been planned and programmed to release pain, sorrow, and death when a specific consensus is reached. 

The strategies of hell can become a reality when a convergence happens as the majority opinion of a nation tilts toward an agreement with evil. That hellish agreement and the resulting release of something very dark is what our prayers, declarations, decrees, and prophet words are intended to interfere with and dismantle. Don’t get too comfortable. So much is in play at this moment. All spiritual hands are needed on deck aware, informed, and ready to speak and act under the direction of the Spirit to prevent the launch of an evil plan.


  1. John J Anderson

    A single person, steadfastly proclaiming the truth in the face of a majority-held deception, will be mocked and dismissed until an event occurs that cannot be denied.

    Churchill railed against the growing evil of the Weimar republic once Hitler became the Chancellor of the Reich. Chamberlain and the other MPs and even Lords held that Churchill was deluded and a senseless reactionary.

    Until……….Hitler entered Czechoslovakia to “rescue the noble citizens of Sudetenland” from their oppressive Czech captors.

  2. Rodney West

    On deck aware. Thank you for sharing!

    • Annette G Trucke

      This is a clarion call; loud and clear, this resonates and should resonate with all believers.

  3. Arlene Sarver

    For the last month or so I have been lead to pray for confusion in the communications of the enemy to thwart the plans for evil, so this is confirmation that God is using my prayers for His purposes. Thank you Garris for continuing to encourage us all.

  4. Kevin Shearer


    You say “to prevent the launch of an evil plan”. I believe that this “evil plan” will be initiated by the “father of lies” and the effects will be Global. These are the days we are in. We all were born for this time ladies and gentlemen. Im serious.

    In my opinion-Salvation is in Jesus Christ. He died for our sins. He is soon to return to claim His bride-the Elect

    and He chose us to be born for these days!

    The Full Armor of God people !


  5. Kevin Shearer

    We are literally living in the Book of Revelations people!

    Blessings of His Peace!


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