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If the truth sets us free, then half-truths and outright lies will keep us in bondage. Jesus said, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8: 31-32). Knowing the truth is what helps us live as free people.

The word used for “truth” in the above verses describes a universal truth about God for whatever ever is under consideration. In that broad sense, it’s not limited to theological truth. The translation narrows down to a definition and application that’s even more specific referring to the truth about God and the execution of His will through Jesus Christ for those who call upon His name.

Life cannot be fully defined within the narrow understanding of a specific expression of faith within the Church. It must be interpreted and understood outside the walls of those traditions where people live and struggle. That’s where the power of the Gospel has its greatest impact connecting with the real-life issues where people struggle and suffer.

Take for example the issue of inflation. Did you know inflation numbers do not include the cost of food and fuel, the two areas that impact people the most? People are going to their local supermarkets and gas station each week and suffer from sticker shock. 

The CPI (Consumer Price Index) is used to determine if people need a raise in their wages. That index does not include energy, housing, or food. If those numbers were included the CPI would be well into the teens and everyone’s standard of living would rise. The ridiculousness of these manipulated numbers keeps people uninformed and allows politicians to tell us everything is OK even when we know it’s not and we have proof to offer by our decreasing purchasing power.

The concerns raised by jockeying inflation numbers and the delusions we are asked to take at face value concern the Lord. He sees people suffering and it grieves His heart. He wants to apply the truth to those painful places to bring freedom and abundance. The Gospel is intended to alter this life for the better, not isolate its blessing to the hereafter.

Truth should be applied across the board in all areas of life. The application of that truth is motivated by the character and mission of Jesus Christ. Those who claim to follow the Lord should be the loudest voices in a culture where injustice and half-truths are causing suffering and hardship for people. 

Our faith motivates us to apply the truth to all aspects of life, even those places we have been told should not be the business of the Church. The truth about Jesus will set people free in all aspects of life. There is no area of life that is off-limits to an intervening power of truth.


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  2. Rodney West

    Yes. Spot on!

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  4. John J Anderson II

    “You shall know….” and “truth will set you free.” are continuous tenses……. you shall continue to know….continue to be set free…..

    Our daily walk presents new opportunities to realize freedom from apprehending truth that we had no prior need to know….


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