Transforming Desire

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A powerful truth lay hidden in a familiar verse waiting to
be discovered. “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your
heart.” (Psalm 37:4) 

“Delight” in this
verse means to “be pliable”. “Desire” can be translated, “a request”. As we
remain pliable in the hands of God – delighting in Him – He will reform our thinking
to such a degree that He will actually change the desires of our heart. Those
transformed desires will begin to recreate new content for what we ask of God.
Our requests in prayer will begin flow from the very heart of God formed within
us when He transformed our desires. This is only possible if we remain pliable
in the hands of God.

This word study
resembles the time in Jeremiah 18 when Jeremiah was instructed by the Lord to
go down to the potter’s house and watch a potter form a pot from a lump of clay
swirling atop the potter’s wheel. At one point the clay did not resemble what the
potter had hoped for so he started all over again reforming the clay into a
shape that represented the desire of his heart. He did all of this before the
pot was fired into its final form ready for service.

If we remain
pliable and teachable in the hands of God, He will be able to reform us into
containers able to carry His glory. We will emerge from that process making
requests that were not in our heart when the reforming process began. For those
of you who remain pliable, delighting in what delights God, your newly formed delights
will have informed and transformed your desires causing you to make requests of
God that were unimaginable before the reforming process began. Stay pliable.
Your destiny is being formed.


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