Reaching the Summit of the 7 Mountains

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In Johnny Enlow’s insightful book, The Seven Mountain Prophecy,
he defines for us the 7 mountains of cultural influence. The 7 mountains are:
Media, Government, Education, Economy, Religion, Celebration and Family. God is
inviting the Church to stand upon each of these summits in order to bring about
cultural transformation. These are mountains that exist outside the walled
programs of a local church. They are mountains only summited by people with
apostolic vision who will invite others to begin the climb to a higher reality
and calling.

This morning, as I was reviewing this powerful concept, I
heard the Lord say, “Before each summit is reached a valley must first be
traveled.” There are things in our personal valleys that must be processed in
order to reduce the weight and restrictions of disbelief that would prohibit
our ascent.

I am grateful for the insight regarding these 7 mountains of
influence. Yet, I realize we don’t start out on a mountaintop. Our journey to the mountaintop begins in the
valley. Around each of these mountains exists a circular valley we can continue
to walk in if we do not deal with the mindsets and traditions that have kept us
walking in circles at a lower altitude. The discovery of what inhibits our
ascent is as important as the ascent itself. Unless we are willing to have the
challenging conversations that will renew our thinking we can end our days
looking up, but never climbing up.

If I were to plant another church, I would first gather a
team with apostolic vision who understood the 7-mountain concept and who carried
a passion to reach the summit. We would create a vision and mission strategy
for each mountain. We would then prepare and outfit teams for the ascent. Once on the summit, these apostolic teams
would not remain there. We would hike back down the mountain to basecamp and share
our testimony of what the view from a summit life looks like. Then we would transition
our roles and become spiritual sherpas helping others reach the summit of their
individual calling. This would change everything.


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