Two Dreams – Two Snakes

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In the fall of 2019, Jan and I had both had vivid dreams on the same night. Our dreams were about snakes. In my dream, as I walked along, I was confronted by a giant serpent. It was as tall as a two-story house. When it opened its mouth to attack me, I tossed a bible into its mouth. As soon as God’s Word was thrown into the snake’s mouth, it disintegrated and disappeared.

In Jan’s dream, we were walking together through a dense forest. Ahead of us in the trees, we saw an immense hooded cobra snake. It was turning its head from side-to-side. We knew the snake had detected our presence but did not yet know precisely where we were. Quietly we withdrew and began to distance ourselves from the snake.

As Jan and I hiked on, we came upon a deserted campground. It appeared as if an intense struggle had taken place in each campsite within the campground. Somehow, we knew the destruction was the work of the cobra. In the campground, we found a camping trailer and went inside to investigate. On a table within the trailer was a topographical map. With the map in hand, we now knew how to seek higher ground and began to move to the highest and farthest point away from the cobra. We left the trailer and made our way to a ridgeline where we could see the surrounding territory from a better vantage point.

Yesterday, as Jan and I were on a walk, we talked about the future of our lives, the Church, and our nation. Jan refreshed my memory about the content of the two dreams we had last fall. We realized our dreams were a reminder and a call to be prepared in God’s Word for the time in history in which we would soon enter and in which we are all now living.

There is a great deal of confusion taking place. Promises from God that someone faithfully carried for years, prophetic words received in faith, and the hopes and dreams of many have either entered a state of limbo or have been abandoned altogether. These promises of hope and a future filled with God’s goodness have been poisoned by the venom of disappointment and disbelief. The only thing that remains unchangeable and true in these poisonous seasons is the antivenom of truth found in God’s Word. His Word has the power to disintegrate the lies of the enemy and direct us to a heavenly vantage point where we can see what is taking place with spiritual clarity. God’s Word is our only safe place in uncertain times.


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