Unfurled Rest

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Rest, Trust | 0 comments

I always tell Jan she makes things better. Everything she touches becomes more peaceful, beautiful, and joyful. One area that receives the benefit of her touch is the way she regularly changes our bedding. Atop our bed is an array of big pillows and down comforters covered with linen duvets. The bed extends an invitation to come and rest. As I crawl into bed each night and feel the crisp, clean sheets, I let out a sigh. As I sigh, I thank God for the peace and comfort of our home. I also thank God for Jan’s thoughtfulness.

This morning, as I sat in my writing chair asking the Lord what to write, I saw an image. The Lord was unfurling a fresh sheet atop a bed. With a flick of His wrist, the sheet unfurled over the bed and floated gently down atop the mattress. The Lord was changing the sheets and making up someone’s bed.

Some of you are tired and weary – tired and weary to the bone. These feelings of fatigue are not only from the busyness of your life but from the constant drip of negativity taking place in our culture. It seems freshness and peace are not possible. You feel like you are trying to find a place of rest on a set of old dirty bedsheets long overdue for a change. 

The Lord sees your need for a place of refreshing rest. In the middle of all the fatigue producing issues you are experiencing, He is preparing a bed of rest for you.  He is about to change your emotional and spiritual sheets. You will be invited to lie down on a fresh word from the Lord for the next season of your life. When you lay down on the promise offered by this word you will let out a sigh of thankfulness. The Lord is preparing this place of rest so that you will be able to receive what He is about to speak to you. The word He wants to speak can only be heard from a place of rest.


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