I was invited to meet with a group of leaders who were engaging in a challenging conversation regarding a tough decision they had to make. The complexity and possible ramifications of their decision created a tense environment. It became increasingly difficult to find a resolution with both sides holding such strong and heartfelt positions.  In the middle of the conversation, I said, “I have heard the explanations provided by both sides. Now I want to wait to hear the Lord’s explanation.” We can get so preoccupied platforming our opinion that we can forget it is the Lord’s opinion that matters most.

We all have the ability to form an opinion from “our side” of a conflict assuming we fully understand the subject at hand. We think what we, and those who agree with us, bring to the table is the entirety of an issue. Over the years, I have learned to wait and listen for wisdom to speak. Wisdom does not come from either side of an issue. It comes from Heaven.

Those who speak from a place of wisdom may do so at the expense of the opinion they held when they first entered the room. That is the heart of trusted leadership.

These revelations of wisdom can become the turning point and the way forward for the group. Wait for wisdom to speak. Wisdom will reveal outcomes that human emotion and entrenched personal opinions cannot see. It is worth the wait no matter how long it takes.


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