Walking Across Impossibility

by | May 9, 2019 | Deliverance, Faith, Freedom, Future, Joy, Justice, Love, Mercy, Obedience, Peace, Redemption | 0 comments

This morning, Jan shared a dream with me she had last night. In the dream, we were running and laughing with joy across a frozen lake. As soon as Jan finished describing the dream, I saw something in the Spirit. 

Some of you are facing an impossible obstacle. It is a crossing you know you cannot make in your natural strength or by human reasoning. It’s like you are standing on the shore of a huge lake with no way to cross to the other side. You need a miracle. The enemy wants to immobilize your faith to get you to believe there is no way across. The plan of darkness has been lying to you telling you that your life will be forever marooned on this shoreline of disappointment. 

In the next moment, I saw the lake begin to freeze. God was immobilizing the evil plan set against you. When the freezing began, you decided to take your first step out onto the frozen lake surface to see if what was taking place was real. As soon as you took your first step, you took another, and another and then you began to run with joy. You were laughing, skipping and skating across the frozen plans of the enemy no longer worried if you would make it to the other side. The passage was as much fun as knowing you would make it across. 

There is a time coming when you will dance, skip and laugh upon the plans of hell. In that moment you will stand upon a dark and fearful plan of hell as a living testimony of God’s faithfulness. All things, including all powers and principalities and their authority, are under the feet of Jesus and because you are seated with Him at this very moment in Heaven at the right hand of the Father, all things are under your feet as well. God is making a way for you to walk across the impossibility you are facing and you will make the crossing with joy.

“For he raised us from the dead along with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ Jesus” (Ephesians 2:6). 


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