I saw a recent
interchange on a social media account where people were condemning a nationally
recognized pastor about the style and substance of his ministry. The condemning
volleys were fired from the misinformed distance provided to the accusers by a
Google search and YouTube videos. None of these people personally know the man they
were condemning. What made the interchange so hard to read was the fact that I
know people who actually have a personal relationship with the person under
attack and they know a completely different person than the one being addressed
in the social media exchange.

As I continued to read
the interchange, I realized some of the worst offenders in this area are those
of us who hold positions of leadership in the Church. Our opinions craft
mindsets. People share what we teach and believe what we share assuming we are
correct. It becomes really dangerous and damaging when our walls of assumption
rise with our success, not our character. Our blinding assumptions are built on
a sandy foundation that comes when in our pride we think we hear God rightly on
all matters of faith and can judge the deepest motives and intention of another
human being.

When I surfed on
past the painful interchange, the Lord said, “I am bringing downs walls of
assumption. These walls of assumptions have been erected in an isolation that
has come because you see my Body in mutilated fragments, not as one. These
isolated expressions of fellowship came about because you wrongly assumed your
version of what you perceive as truth is perfect theology. None of my children
are perfect.  These walls of assumption
will come down because I will allow a wider audience to examine their faulty
foundation. Your assumptions will be challenged by voices that were previously
only distant and muffled sounds heard outside the perimeter of your religious
compound. This is for your benefit that I am doing this and it is for the
benefit of my Body and your witness in the Earth.”


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