Watch North Korea

by | Apr 26, 2020 | Leadership, Power, Reformation, Revelation, Spiritual Warfare | 0 comments

If the news coming out North Korea about either the death or vegetative state of Kim Jung Un after a failed surgery is accurate, something significant is taking place in Asia. I wondered why the Lord had me hold a word for a few weeks to finally share it this morning on my Facebook wall about God keeping or removing leaders. That word, alongside something I wrote two years ago on this blog about North Korea titled “North Korea – History Will Fast-Forward and Prayers will be Answered.” makes me hope for heavenly intervention in that nation. If the information regarding Kim Jong Un is correct, a significant shift will take place in the leadership of North Korea. Friends who are intercessors are beginning to gather tonight to pray into this developing story. The story of North Korea is not finished until God writes the last chapter.


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