What If You Could Come Back?

by | Jul 3, 2014 | Death, Future, Hope, Intimacy, Peace, Trust | 0 comments

What if you could come back to this day and do it all over again? What if you could return to that unkind conversation and respond differently? What if you could discover the profound experience you missed because it was hidden behind the familiar? What if you could come back to the missed opportunity to step through your fear into a place of freedom?

You don’t need a time machine to come back for a second chance. You are still present in the remaining moments of this day. You can still make things right. You can still say, “I love you”. You can still live as one who has come back because you are still here. Your choice in this moment is your time machine.

Don’t let the sorrow of your failed responses blind you to seeing the other opportunities that are about to make themselves known. Living this one-day-at-a-time way of life is the best kind of life. It makes no demand of you to put on frills or waste your life waiting for some big moment to change everything. The best of life is found by loving and embracing the simple things as they come to meet you, disguised in their simplicity. These experiences will have the most profound impact on you and those you meet in the remaining journey of this day.


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