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“The time is coming when everything that is covered up will be revealed, and all that is secret will be made known to all” (Luke 12:2).

As the American Southwest sinks deeper into what has been described as a mega-drought, Lake Mead in Nevada is drying up. The lake provides water for 40 million people in several surrounding states. Water rationing is already taking place. An unexpected consequence of the dry lakebed is the revelation of what has been hidden. Dead bodies are being discovered. 

A few days ago, a grisly find took place on the exposed bottom of Lake Mead. A body was found stuffed in a barrel. Since the lake is only a few miles away from Las Vegas, some suggest it was a mob hit. Until the investigation is complete no one yet knows. From the clothing and condition of the body, it appears the victim was killed in the 1970s. 

I considered not posting the news image of the barrel because it is so raw but I decided to post it because what will be exposed in the coming months in the church and our nation will be raw and uncomfortable for some. We tend to see life as a full Lake Mead. We live and recreate atop the surface of life insulated from what lies beneath until exposure takes place. When our illusions dry up and exposure takes place, the grisly and uncomfortable realities of life are made known.

God doesn’t use exposure to punish. Exposure is a tool for a higher purpose. He uses it to inform and redeem. Our willingness to let go of our assumptions and our firmly held positions, once the truth is revealed, will test the depth of our integrity. Like it is when looking at a picture of a barrel full of bones, it will also test the stomach of our character. 

Ask the Lord to prepare you for what is about to be revealed once the lake of our assumptions drains away. Jesus said the truth will set us free. What will be revealed by the Spirit will bring freedom to many who thought they were free but were not.

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  1. TinMan

    Wonderful analogy, this is happening as we speak for me personally. I asked for a spiritual mirror and was given one, what I saw in the mirror was as horrific as the contents of that barrel. Spiritual growth is never easy but always beneficial personally and for the Kingdom.


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