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As I walked behind a local post office, I snapped this picture. These are not over-flowing garbage dumpsters. They are postal bins containing packages ready to be loaded into postal carriers’ vehicles. After taking the photo, I sensed the Lord was speaking. He wanted to encourage some of you who might feel a bit overwhelmed by an upcoming decision you need to make. The image of the over-flowing postal bins represents what it can feel like to have to sort through all your options to discover the one directed by the Lord. 

In the middle of the pile of all the suggestions, opinions, and well-intended spiritual insight being offered, a precise prophetic word is being readied for delivery. It is not your job to pick through the pile in a desperate attempt to seek direction. To do so will create an emotional dumpster dive. You will become overwhelmed and desperate to the point you might give up and walk away. We do not have the time or ability to work through every option. Only the Spirit can do that. Waiting and trusting will be your part in the process of discovery as the Spirit walks you through the sorting process. 

Just like a postal worker is skilled to find the right address for the delivery of an intended package, so will it be for you as you follow the Spirit’s leading. Discarding what is not intended for you is just as important as finding the word the Lord wanted you to receive. The sorting process is not for the Lord’s benefit. It is a process designed to help you learn how to rest and trust in the faithfulness of God. 

Soon the word the Lord sent with your name on it will appear on the doorstep of your life. What was considered to be an unorganized and daunting beginning will become a clear and concise conclusion.


  1. Michelle

    Thanks Garris, the Lord indicated that I am to move out of Canada into the USA. We are taking two cars and Rockie Talkies! What a release I felt when the direction became clear in a dream. Your message is timely because the organization of this is overwhelming. I would appreciate a prayer. Much love to you.

  2. Martha

    Thank you so much for this word! I cannot begin to tell you. The timing is perfect! I have followed your posts for many years now starting when I was serving the Lord in the Philippines. God has used you so many times to bring me a word in season. Thank you for your faithfulness to seek His messages and deliver them. I speak blessings over you and your family.

    • Jonathan Khan

      So much clutter demands God’s clarity! Indeed, this is an hour where God is presenting and endorsing His wisdom to His church. We have to redeem the times for the days are evil.

      Yours in Christ,
      Apostle Jonathan Khan.


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