In the last month, I have been speaking to people who work in high-impact Kingdom positions. Change is coming in many of these assignments. I have noticed several consistent themes in some of these transitions.

1.  A sense of unease that worried some of the individuals who are entering a time of transition was not a warning from God about something wrong with them emotionally or spiritually. It was actually the Spirit wanting to gain their attention to show them something new so that in the future they would be ready to let go and move forward.

2.  Some who are being transitioned will not change location. They will change hats. New assignments, not new geography, is taking place. The Lord is trying to heal organizations and churches that always thought a change in leadership would require a change in geography to protect the transition.

3.  What was at first thought to be a negative option as a future assignment is being reconsidered. Now, under the influence and revelation of the Spirit, that original option has been transformed into the desire of the person’s heart. God is assigning passion to what was first rejected and dismissed. That passion will allow them to fully embrace the coming change with joy and expectancy. 

4.  Those in charge of these transitions will be given a greater grace and favor to make challenging decisions about personnel placement. God will touch the anointing of these individuals in such a way that unpopular decisions will become widely accepted as a wise choice.

These four points do not only apply to people in leadership roles. There will be a trickle-down effect that will touch a wide variety of people at each level of an association or organization. 

Review these four points and ask the Lord how they might apply to you, especially if you have been sensing a change coming in your current assignment. In all of this, God’s got your back…and your front and your side. You are filled and encircled by His presence. You are not uncovered and adrift. God will bring all of this together for an expression of His goodness to those who are watching your transition. Your job is to trust God and allow Him to reveal the outcome.


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