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A slumbering Church is being awakened. In our contentment of spiritual sleep, we have not been able to see the deeper realities taking place in the world. The closed eyelids of our slumber have blinded us to truths only realized through revelation. 

Something unusual happened to me when Jan and I were staying in a friend’s home in Oslo, Norway. The guest bedroom was on the top floor. The roof was metal and covered with a foot of snow. In the middle of the night, the snow released and slowly slid off the roof. It took a couple of seconds for the snow to make its run down the roof. As soon as the snow began to slip, I was roused by the unfamiliar sound of snow grinding against metal that led to a loud boom as the snow hit the ground outside our window. 

My awakening took place in the transitional space between deep sleep and being fully awake. The sound of the scraping snow against metal and the resulting boom was something I had never heard before. For some reason, I thought Norway was under a nuclear attack. I rose in bed startled until I realized what had happened.

During the event, I was paralyzed mentally while I tried to discern what was taking place. When I was fully awakened, I put two and two together and realized it was just melting snow sliding off the roof and crashing to the ground. A lot of strange interpretations of reality can take place when we are asleep.

The event in Norway reminded me of what has taken place in the Church. We have been invited by a slumbering culture to remain in bed under the covers of warm deceptions that have disengaged us from spiritual reality. We continue to sleep while important issues of life become hi-jacked for evil purposes without our intervention. 

Many followers of Christ are unaware of the motivating spiritual forces behind events currently transpiring on the world stage, about the God-ordained purpose of human sexuality, about our true identity in Christ, and about the place of our faith in the affairs of public life. Those are only some of the issues that are in play while we have slumbered. In a state of slumber, we have wrongly interpreted what is happening; we’ve assigned definitions that support sleep-induced interpretations, not in line with the truth.

As many in the Church are being awakened, they can wrongly interpret what is happening like I did that night in Norway. In the state between our slumber and being made fully awake by the Spirit, we need to let God, not our misguided slumbering assumptions define our reality.

When we finally come awake from the nightmares induced by spiritual slumber, we will realize it was a bad dream we were asked to believe, a dream of death and helplessness – feelings I had when I thought a nuclear attack was taking place. They will feel like I did that night in Norway when I came fully awake, relieved that I was rescued by reality.


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