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The new thing God is doing carries a supernatural potential that will only be experienced by looking in a new and different direction. The choice to change our line of sight will reveal spiritual imagery we might have missed while our vision was focused in another direction. This direction change of vision will set us on course to move with the Lord as He affects change in personal lives, nations, and for the course of history.

We have an orchid growing in our kitchen. It was a gift given to us 15 years ago. For all those 15 years the stem of the orchid pointed to the window on the right in the attached photo. This year for some reason, it changed direction 180 degrees and began to grow toward the window on the left. New buds are emerging on the stem ready to blossom.

For the last 15 years, the orchid did not get in my way because it was conveniently positioned not to disrupt my normal routine of life. In the last month or two, I have been bumping into the stem because it got in the way of my daily activities like accessing the drawers of the small cabinet upon which the orchid sits. 

Because I love the orchid and want it to prosper and continue to bring us joy during our meals, I chose to accept its direction change and did not disturb its new position in our lives. I am now used to the new position working around its unfamiliar position. When I realized the radical direction change of the orchid, I knew the Lord was speaking to me.

The Church is experiencing significant change. We need new eyes to see a new way forward.  What has worked in the past was not wrong. It worked for a season, but now the season has changed. What has taken place in all the disruption of the last two years has caused us to look through new windows of opportunity, windows we might have ignored in the past until our lives were so rudely interrupted and a new vision got in the way of our predictable routines of faith. 

This new vision will require a shift of our line of sight. That shift will enable us to see a new and developing future with applications of our faith not previously considered.. For a short season, we will need to work around the change of direction like I did for the orchid. Our willingness to do so will help us see the world through a new window of revelation – a window we had previously ignored because the new blossoms of revelation had not yet arrived to gain our attention.

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  1. Robin Clark

    Excellent word. We need to keep focusing on the Lord for guidance and direction. Thank you for your words.


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