I live in southern
Oregon.  Off our coast is something
called the Cascadia Subduction Zone. 
This is a seam in the undersea earth structure comprised of two opposing
physical forces that are under constant and building pressure.  As they continue to force their will upon each
other they will eventually have to release. 
When this release took place in the past it produced a huge
earthquake and tsunami.   The last event
occurred in 1700.  The geological record
reveals these events happen every 300 years. 
We are due.

I have a friend who
works in emergency preparedness.  He
lectures in cities up and down the Oregon coast.  My friend shared with me when the subduction zone finally releases its pressure and the resulting earthquake happens, most
of the bridges along freeway I-5 that runs north and south in western Oregon
will become impassable.  Many will
collapse.  People on the coast will become
isolated in small communities that had previously been linked together by
bridges up and down the Oregon coast. 
For months and even years, life as we know it in western Oregon will be
greatly altered.

I write this not
wanting to present a dire picture of the future, but to offer it as a metaphor
for something I am sensing in the Spirit. 
I am being nudged by the Lord to make sure my spiritual life does
not depend on any natural means for support. 
 If one
studies the events of human history it doesn’t take long to realize only God
remains constant. Everything else will eventually decay and collapse because its construction was sourced in a failing system not linked to the will and purpose of God.
God’s Kingdom is different. His kingdom is increasing daily in power and

Today, I invite you to review your relationship with God and with people.  What supports these relationships? If you
demand perfect performance from someone that relational bridge will eventually collapse
because no one will be able to meet your standard. 
If you see yourself as unworthy before God your bridge of faith will have been built on a flawed understanding of God.  This bridge will also collapse.  Just as in the natural world when a bridge
passes a safety inspection, your spiritual bridges will remain intact in a time
of crisis if your support system is built upon an increasing level of trust in
God and a deepening heart of humility toward other people.  Only these two building materials can provide
you with a safe bridge and a secure passage. All the rest will collapse in a time
of testing.


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