When Life Closes In Around You

by | May 24, 2015 | Peace, Promise, Trust | 0 comments

In the last season you felt the pressures of life close in around you.  You felt crushed under the weight of what you experienced. You ran away and thought you had finally distanced yourself from the pain, but those uncomfortable feelings are coming to visit once again and you are concerned. You want to run away again in an attempt to free yourself from the coming pressure, but God in His great love has asked you to remain.

The reason why this time will be different is because God has put a new strength within you that He wants you to discover.  This inner strength is like the walls of a fortress being tested in battle for the first time.  Your walls will hold.

As these unwelcome pressures come stand still and trust what God has put in place.  He has you right where He wants you.  Don’t run. You will not be be crushed.


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