The Hinge of Hope

by | May 22, 2015 | Change, Courage, Destiny, Dreams, Favor, Fear, Future, Hope, Promise, Redemption, Trust | 2 comments

The door into the new season of your life hangs on the hinges of your attitude.  What you choose to believe will become the hinge upon which the door to your future hangs.  Your belief and attitude toward God and your future will determine if your door is able to swing open or remain closed.

The breakthrough you are seeking will take place when God is able to free you from the hindering attitude of negativity. This attitude has allowed the spiritual rust of doubt and fear to encase and immobilize the hinge on the door to your future.

No matter how long your door has remained shut behind a rust producing attitude it is never too late to make a change.  Stand before the door to your future and begin to speak of God’s goodness. Prophesy hope about your future.  Declare that your path is a known way to God.  You have not been forgotten. Speak words that reveal a future filled with promise. 

Your words of faith will invite the oil of God’s Spirit to come and begin to supernaturally lubricate the frozen hinges allowing the door to your future to swing open and reveal what the doubt, fear and hopelessness of your past did not want you to see.


  1. Anonymous

    Beautyful metaphor! It's so clear and easy to understand.
    Thank you and thanks to God for these very encouraging words!
    Michaela (Germany)

  2. Anonymous

    Wow! You have spoken words of life to me. The only thing that you didn't do was to call my name personally. Thank you.


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