In every revolution of culture, the first people to be attacked are the poets, artists, writers, and musicians who express the discontent of the people through creative expression. These voices must be silenced by those in positions of authority if they want to remain control are to remain in power. The same can happen within the Church, 

  when an Apostle reveals a heavenly blueprint that exposes a weakness in our current expression of the Church.

  when a Prophet announces the blueprint and that announcement reveals something new and unfamiliar.

  when an Evangelist recruits people to the blueprint who don’t look, sound or act the same way as our current demographic.

  when a Pastor rearranges a community of faith to align with the blueprint to ensure a future of life, health and the possibility of growth.

  when a Teacher explores the details of our belief system to discover and challenge our sacred cows and then invites us to see and understand the blueprint with new eyes.

When God begins to do something new, refuse to join in with the first wave of critics. Many times these critics are motivated by a fear of change or the loss of control. Take time to experience the craft of the spiritual poets, artists, writers, and musicians. In the common thread of their message, you see a glimpse of the next move of God.


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