I was invited to speak at a conference in Southern California. When I was contacted and provided with the event details, I was given my travel information and asked to make my own airline reservations. I was told I would get a reimbursement check along with my honorarium at the conference. I was asked to book Business Class for both Jan and me. That was a joy! The only problem was, at the time, from Medford, Oregon to Los Angeles there were no flights with Business Class. We would be flying in a puddle-jumper.

Driving to the airport and making the flight, I had to adjust my thinking and my attitude. I was flying Business in Coach, but only in my mind. I was flying with the honor extended to me by the inviting pastor. When we arrived in LA we were treated wonderfully throughout our visit. It was a great conference.

In the course of our lives, we may find that our honored position in Jesus is not always visibly represented as we move from one season of life to the next. We have to choose to fly with the mind of heavenly royalty transiting our time on Earth no matter what our surroundings may indicate. As I sat in Coach, I had to adjust my long legs and feel scrunched for the flight, but that was OK because, in my heart and mind, I was flying spiritual Business Class.

The ticket you hold for this season of your life may not reflect the status you have in God’s Kingdom. You are the royalty of Heaven passing through time on a mission for your King. Carry yourself like compassionate royalty visiting another realm no matter where you find yourself. That mindset will begin to shift the environment around you because it first shifted the way you see yourself and your surroundings. If you ever get an upgrade in this life you will sit in that wide and comfortable place with a humble heart that only comes when you know your surroundings do not accurately represent your status in God’s heart or in His Kingdom.


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