When Your Life Has Stalled

by | Sep 6, 2015 | Faith, Future | 0 comments

When it feels like your life has stalled, it is time to revisit your history. In your history you will discover an abandoned step that has caused your life to stall.

When God spoke to you at the start, He began moving you forward toward His preferred future for your life. Everything in your journey has built upon that original revelation. You cannot arrive at the end without acknowledging the beginning.

At some point you stopped doing the things God originally used to define your life and calling. This is why you now feel stalled. A stalled life is only intended as a temporary stop along the way where you reevaluate and reset your navigational instruments. It is not a permanent destination unless you choose to make it one.

The raw faith you exhibited in your past has been waiting for you in this stalled place ready to be released. When that faith is released the next step will be seen and your journey will begin its forward motion once again.


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