God Is Making A Way Into A Place Blessing

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–>This morning, Jan and I
walked through our neighborhood.  It was
a beautiful morning filled with blue skies, white clouds and crisp air. In our
small town, deer walk freely among the homes. One of the homes we passed is
known for its very elaborate deer fence. 
 If you have any plants exposed they
must be deer proof plants or your garden will be eaten down to the nubs.  Your other alternative is to construct a deer
fence.  These fences must be at least six
feet tall and secured at both the top and bottom.  The deer in our town have the uncanny ability
to find a way over and under these fences.

The home we passed on our
walk is beautiful with an equally beautiful garden and yard filled with
clover.  Inside the enclosure was a
single deer – a doe. When we passed by she looked up. This was the happiest
looking deer I had ever seen. She had won the deer lottery and was eating tasty
plants not available to the other deer in town. 
I stopped to take her picture. When I saw the deer feeding within the
enclosed yard, the Lord spoke a word to me.

Many of you have been
fenced off from the promised blessings of God. 
You do not know why this has taken place. You have walked by these
enclosed blessings resigned to feed only on what was immediate and available to
you outside the fence. What was promised to you has always been seen on the
other side of a restricting fence.  This
fence was erected by a challenging circumstance and designed to keep you out.  That is about to change.

Like the deer I saw this
morning, God is going to reveal a way through the restriction and allow you
access to a garden of blessing.  You are
about to enter a place where you will eat your fill of God’s goodness. This new
season will not be the continuation of the past.  You will no longer have to walk by a blessing
and look longingly at its beauty as it flourishes out of reach.  God is opening a way through the restricting fence
and He is inviting you inside to eat to your heart’s content.


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