The most significant message delivered in a prophetic word is hope, not a prediction or the revelation of a previously unknown fact. We seem to rate the ability to declare hidden things like dates, names and what might happen in the future as more significant. While those are truly astounding, they only gain our attention so that a word of hope can be spoken. Predictions and special revelations are only vehicles, not the message.

A prophetic word empowered by the Spirit will engage a person or a culture with a message that with God, hope for change is always possible. Words of hope have the power to adjust our way of thinking to believe that something new and previously unimagined could actually become a reality.

A message of hope is easily criticized because it does not seem theatric. A message of hope is typically attacked by frustrated cynics or angry critics. When this happens, don’t lose your hope and allow your voice to become silent. Continue to speak words of hope. In the end, hope will declare the way forward and hope-speakers will become the prophets of a new day.

Prophesy hope to 2018!

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    Good Word! Thanks for sharing!


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