Your Empty Street

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This morning, just a bit after 4:00 am, I drove my daughter, Anna, to the airport to catch a flight that would take her to Mexico. Her travels will end with a ride in a converted fishing boat from Puerto Vallarta to the remote village of Yelapa, Mexico. In Yelapa, Anna and a friend will host two separate groups of people over the course of the next three weeks who will learn how to write and craft their story. Yelapa is a warm place this time of year. It has a laid-back tempo distant from the hustle and bustle of tourism. Anna says the fish tacos are outstanding.

Driving through our small town this morning on the way to the airport, we saw an unusual sight. Each year, our town decorates its historic main street with beautiful Christmas lights, a huge tree, and other festive touches to make it a very appealing place to dine and shop at this time of year. As we turned onto our main street, we noticed there was not a single car parked on the street.  It was vacant as far as the eye could see. In unison, Anna and I remarked, “There are no cars!” Usually, there would be a few cars left parked on the street from the night before by people who had wisely taken a cab home or from a janitor getting an early start on the day. This morning not a single car was parked on the street.

Driving home alone 20 minutes later, the street was still empty. The bright Christmas decorations and the empty street gave me the impression of what the New Year will mean for some of you. God has decorated your New Year and cleared its street for your arrival. This is not just wishful thinking. You have an opportunity to experience something completely new and fresh in each area of your life.

You are the only one who can choose who and what you allow to park on the roadway of your life. There are only so many parking spots of time and commitment available. Choose wisely who and what you allow to park and occupy the time, space, and energy required to maintain healthy relationships and a sensible calendar. If you can do this, 2018 will become a year of celebration and joy.


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