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When parts of the body of Christ align more with the standards of an unredeemed culture and allow a government to enforce and impose those standards on all who dissent, a dangerous intersection is crossed. We are currently navigating through that intersection.

The leading priests, the elders, and the teachers of religious law wanted to silence Jesus, they took Him before the civil government and formed an alliance to silence the Lord. Pilate the Roman governor presided over the preceding. 

For the religious leaders, the words and actions of Jesus conflicted with their interpretation of truth. Pilate’s duties as the Roman governor required him to quell all civil unrest to keep the interests of Rome intact. The presence of Jesus upset the equilibrium of both parties so they joined forces using each other’s authority to accomplish their shared goal.

As a result of Pilate’s verdict, the ultimate attempt at silencing the Lord’s voice was issued – death by crucifixion. The religious and political spirits in play that day had no idea their attempt to silence Jesus by putting Him to death would lead to His resurrection and the eventual release of multiple millions of believers who would speak His truth around the world confronting other religious and political entities.

I am seeing a sad alliance being formed. Some segments of the Church have joined with rogue elements in our government to parrot each other’s talking points in an attempt to project the image of false unity. In this union, the distinction of truth has been censored, demeaned, and rejected creating a stew of deception that seems inclusive and accepting, but is really a malignant meal poisoning all who choose to sit at its table.

Invitations have been sent out inviting us to come and dine at this table of death. It would be better to starve pushing back that offering than to consume its poisonous meal. The Church has been called to speak the truth to influence all spheres of culture, not to form alliances of compromise that will attempt to silence and censor anyone who dares to speak an uncomfortable truth. 


  1. David Holman

    “It would be better to starve pushing back that offering than to consume its poisonous meal.”


  2. Riekie

    Strong words but truth!


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