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There are times when the truth will create division among God’s people. This division is a Spirit-led process that divides truth from error much like the incision made by a physician’s scalpel cutting away rotted flesh from healthy flesh. Trying to avoid that kind of spiritual surgery will lead us to a place where our faith becomes weak, compromised, and eventually dies.  

A unity formed around an infection of deception is still deception no matter how many theological bandages we apply or what emotional antibiotics we take. We all must go willingly under the Lord’s knife from time to time in order to preserve our unity.

The Lord is currently raising His scalpel over the body of His Church to make the first cuts of a much-needed surgery. He is making these cuts to preserve the witness of our unity – a unity only experienced when we allow truth to have its way.

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  1. Jonathan Khan

    How often with the Antichrist ecumenical agenda the integrity of truth is tampered with for the sake of “unity”. Biblical unity within the body of Christ is the unity of the Spirit. The Spirit of truth must indeed be allowed to perform the surgical precise purging to present a bride without spot or wrinkle.

    Yours in Christ,
    Apostle Jonathan Khan.


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