You Will Rise Again

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As a kid growing up
in church, I heard the following words
repeated over the years, “The finished work of the Cross”. I often wondered
what those words meant. I have now come to understand their meaning.

Jesus went as far
as possible in His obedience as the Second Adam, even “unto death” on the Cross
and then entrusted Himself to the Father who had made a promise to raise Jesus
from the dead. Jesus could not do the resurrecting. He was dead.

Like Jesus, none of
us are able to self-resurrect. Resurrection is a task left solely in the hands
of God. If you feel like you are dying for a God-cause in your life let that
death have its way with you. Don’t struggle to survive. Survival is a lesser
form of life than a life of resurrection. You are not called to be a survivor
in your own strength and let human determination be your badge of achievement. You
have been called to be a living advertisement of a resurrected life revealing to
the world someone who has been called out from places of death – dead thinking,
dead ways of living and death-producing theologies.

There is coming a
moment in your future when the things that have held you in a grip of death
will hear the command of God’s voice demanding your release. When you come out
of this experience you will carry a testimony of resurrection life.  That testimony will give others the hope that
a resurrection is possible in their future if they are willing to follow Jesus
to their personal Cross.

Death and
resurrection is not a one-time event lost in history. The life of Jesus
released a chain reaction of death and resurrection experiences for all who would follow Him. Death and resurrection is the process of a life lived in the
Spirit. Embrace it and walk in its power and no grave will ever again be seen as a place of fear.


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