In the coming days, some of you will walk into familiar settings and God will open your eyes to see what was previously hidden. When this revelation takes place, give God a moment of pause so He can unpack clearly the reality of what you are seeing. This will not be a time to become aghast or sidetracked by your emotions. What you are about to see will carry a prophetic assignment. You will need to keep your spiritual cool and not let your emotions take over or succumb to the fear of what other people think. God will empower your faith with the courage required to announce what you have seen.

The announcement will set in motion a chain reaction of events. You are not responsible for what takes place after the announcement is made. Your assignment is to pray, stay humble, and faithfully reveal what you saw. God will assign the timing of your response. Obey His direction.

Ask God for a higher level of discernment. You will need this new level of discernment to know how to properly steward what you are about to be shown.

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  1. David McGuire

    Amen. This is exactly true for me. God has called me into the Seer anointing and since I walked into it I have been receiving dreams and visions


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