God is creating alliances of believers who realize the current expression of the Church is not agile enough to accomplish The Great Commission. These individuals also know it will not be enough to fill yet another stadium for a stand-alone, uplifting gathering or experience another revival meeting unless those events have something more substantial in mind – the discipleship and transformation of nations.

The revealing of these agile individuals and groups will be the result of a winnowing currently taking place within the Body of Christ. Those who are part of these agile alliances of world changers will be able to move at the speed and impulse of the Spirit. They are being called out from circular orbits of effort that are unable to think outside the gravitational pull of the status quo. These agile teams will be able to move forward at the speed of faith as directed by the Spirit. They will not have to ask permission from those at the top of the totem pole of a religious hierarchy. 

Ask God to reveal His purpose for your life. You carry elements of The Great Commission that are critical to its fulfillment. Once your personal reveal takes place, venture out and search to find those agile, like-minded individuals and groups who are waiting to partner with you. In that partnership, God will do great things.


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