The sound of your voice cannot be silenced if your words are empowered by the heart and will of God. If God has given you something to say, He will make way for you to be heard. Truth spoken in love is the most potent sound made on Earth, and it cannot be muzzled. 

We have all heard of people being blocked from social media accounts for content that did not align with the worldview of the provider. Others have been excluded from strategic meetings where critical decisions were being made. Exclusion because of dissenting content is not new to the human experience. Social architects have attempted and repeatedly failed to control the voice of truth and freedom since the dawn of time.

If, for a righteous reason, you have found yourself on the outside of a relationship, a group or blocked from sharing your opinion to a wider audience do not forget this critical reality – God is still in charge. He will make a way your voice to be heard even if a person, group, or institution attempts to muzzle your voice.

We assume too quickly that the impact and range of our voice are limited by those in control of the social microphone or the gatekeepers of a particular group. Do not despair if you find yourself isolated and on the outside. You carry the sound of Heaven, and that sound cannot be silenced if love is motivating your words and actions. God will lead you to a new platform and new relationships where your voice will be amplified beyond the restrictions you are currently experiencing.


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