Your Future is Hope

by | May 17, 2020 | Courage, Favor, Future, Joy | 0 comments

In the last hour, I was thinking about a couple of good friends who are making a significant change in their lives. The Lord gave me a word for them. While it was a specific word of encouragement, the Lord said, “This word is for others. It has a wider application.” So, with that instruction, I want to share the word with you if it applies to your circumstance. Be well. God has you covered. Hope is your future.

“You just came to mind, and when you did, I felt the Lord nudge me to share something with you. I know significant change is on your horizon. In the coming days, God will reveal a new level of His faithfulness to you. The honor and love you have carried and displayed to many of us while you were near will go before you in our absence. It will open doors for the many wonderful things God has planned in the new place. Go expecting joy to greet you upon your arrival.”


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