An invitation is coming your way that will change everything. The fatigue, the unhealthy expectations and the ruts of routine will be displaced by what this invitation will release. The arrival of your invitation will announce the beginning of a new season.

Ten years ago, I was a typical pastor in the United States. After returning from Europe in 1999 where Jan and I saw God move in wonderful and usual ways, we settled back into the routine of pastoring a local church in America with its weekly meetings, programs, and yearly calendar. I stepped into the rut of pastoral ministry and started to jog forward at the pace set by the needs and demands of a local church. It was not a negative experience. It merely had limited Kingdom impact.

At that time, Jan handed me a book written by David Crone, the Senior Leader of The Mission in Vacaville, California. Referencing the book, Decisions That Define Us, Jan said, “You need to read this. He is saying the same things you and I have been saying.”  

After reading David’s book, I set up a time for Jan and me to meet David and his wife in Vacaville. After lunch, David prayed for me and invited me to something called a Leader’s Advance at Bethel Church in Redding, California. I knew nothing of the ministry of Bethel or a Leader’s Advance. The Advance was only a few days off, so I assumed registration was already closed. David said to call the church and tell them he was the one extending the invitation and to help me register. I called, and a place was made for me.

During my visit to Bethel, several critical things took place. When I walked through the church doors, I felt honor. At that time in my life, I had never heard of something described as a culture of honor. I actually sensed the presence of honor permeating the church campus. When I heard Bill Johnson speak for the first time, I heard the substance of a voice I had not heard in years. Bill sounded like my pastor, Roy Hicks, Jr. I was listening to the voice of apostolic leadership. 

On that visit, a prophetic word came alive that was given to me ten years earlier by the prophet, Jean Darnall. Jean said to me, “You will write for God”. That word lay dormant in my life until it was ignited during worship at the Leader’s Advance.  Since that first visit to Bethel ten years ago, I have written 7 books and written over 1,500 blog articles. A significant portion of my time is now devoted to writing.

In ways similar to my experience, invitations are being released that will align some of you with an acceleration of your gifts and calling. Time is compressing as a significant breakthrough is approaching your personal life and calling.  Attached to these invitations will be the fulfillment of prophetic words spoken over you that have lain dormant and untapped in their potential. As the invitation from David Crone was nowhere on my radar, so it will be for you. When an unexpected invitation comes, walk through the door it opens. You will be amazed at what God can do when we accept an invitation to something new.


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