Your calling and the fulfillment of your destiny will be realized and experienced when a Spirit-directed timing and opportunity converge. What you do while you wait for that convergence is important.

A righteous convergence is not something you can make happen. If you try to do this by the strength of your will, it will become unhealthy, premature and short-lived. You can, however, prepare for its arrival by developing your character and ministry skills. As you prepare, avoid the pitfalls of self-promotion and a resulting fear-based positioning of your gifts and talents. These two pitfalls have derailed the calling of many gifted and talented people.

The opportunities offered by God will not pass you by if you have disciplined your soul with humility and rest. The opportunities offered by God, those fashioned and empowered by Him and for His purposes, can only be seen and experienced from a place of humility and rest. Train your eyes to see through these two lenses and your timing and opportunity will appear at just the right moment allowing you to step into something you would never have never thought possible.


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