Your Spiritual Sale Rack

by | Jun 30, 2014 | Faith, Honor, Love, Miracles, Power, Trust | 0 comments

You have been shopping at the spiritual sale
rack. You have not believed there is
more for you. God has called you to an extravagance of faith that to some
people will appear outlandish. Don’t
allow people with meager mindsets to be your spiritual fashion consultants. Jesus had to deal with these kinds of people.
Love them, but don’t be held back by their limited view of life.

Yes, you can get most of your assignment done
by wearing that basic frock of faith you found on the sale rack, but it didn’t
require much faith from you to make the selection. You have been dressing your
life and calling in less than what God intended, never believing there could be
exquisite garments waiting for you to try on. 
You have struggled whether God would allow you to wear a beautiful
garment of faith thinking you were not worthy or beautiful enough.  You have forgotten you bear His beautiful image.

Put those out-of-date garments of lesser faith
back on the sale rack of religious duty. 
Stroll into God’s custom boutique and ask Him to show you what He has
created for you to wear into the next season. 
Put on this new creation and walk forward into your calling with a new
confidence that comes from knowing the King of Kings has arrayed you in His


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