Your Supernatural Propulsion is Coming

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Jan and I were driving home after five days on the road. Ahead of us on the freeway, I saw the flashing yellow lights on two escort vehicles. One escort was in front and the other at the rear of a diesel truck towing a large lowboy trailer. Atop the trailer was the largest ship propeller I had ever seen. It was at least I0 feet tall and wider than the trailer. It was wider than the traffic lane. The trailer had a sign at the rear warning passing vehicles with the words, “Oversize Load.” I could not imagine how large the vessel was the propellor was destined to propel.

As we passed the truck and the image of the propeller disappeared in my rear view mirror, the Lord began to speak to me using the propeller as the metaphor for another image.

I saw a follower of Jesus in a boat that seemed too small and too slow to accomplish the task to which they had been called. From my overhead drone-like view it seemed as if they were dead in the water because they were going so slow in such a large body of water. Then a huge propeller, like the one I saw on the freeway, appeared and attached itself to the rear of the small boat. All of a sudden the little boat began to move at an unusually high rate of speed across a large ocean. Under the previous power and level of propulsion, it would have been an impossible span of water to cross in such a small craft.

Up ahead a dock appeared. Across the front of the dock was painted the name of the destination. It read, “Accomplished.” This was a dock the person driving the boat never thought would appear because they knew in the natural they were underpowered to cross such a large expanse of water. The journey would have been impossible had not the huge propeller arrived.

God wants to supernaturally empower your best efforts. Your best efforts do not contain the level of propulsion needed to cross the distance of impossibility that is before you. You have listened to the putt-putt sound of the best of your underpowered human efforts for a long time. You have almost given up the journey a few times but something is about to change – dramatically. Your huge propeller is coming and along with it the engine of God’s Spirit that will propel you toward your place of accomplishment. When you dock at your destination and accomplish what to many seemed impossible, you will know it was God who made this happen. That realization will be far more important than the destination itself.


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