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Last night, Jan and I went to bed earlier than normal. After a few hours of sleep, I rolled over and saw the illuminated display on our clock, showing the time of 11:11. Normally, it would mean nothing to me, but I sensed a significance associated with the number. I also felt a need to pause long enough before I returned to sleep to register the number making sure I remembered it upon waking. My first impression was the number had to do with this coming Wednesday, November 11, 2020.

The Lord is always speaking to His people. Some of what He is saying is clear, and at other times, like sensing something associated with the time display on a clock, it can be a bit vague. We all see only a part of much larger prophetic pictures. This is how I process the number 11:11 and any other fragment of revelation. These things are given to us as a matter of prayer and possible action if directed by the Spirit, not for disengagement or suspicion.

Next Wednesday may come and go without incident. On the other hand, something of significance could occur that will take place out of the view of our natural abilities to discern what is transpiring. No matter what happens, I will have invested prayer into whatever takes place on that day. Everything we perceive must be discerned with wisdom, all the while ensuring our trust is placed only in the Lord and not in the fragments of a potentially larger revelation.

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  1. daniel violette

    Thanks for the insight. I am praying also brother.


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