(“Thoughts I Want
To Leave Behind” is a collection of thoughts and impressions I want to leave
behind as I begin to make my final pastoral transition.)

#25 A Good Place

Tomorrow morning,
Sunday, October 26, I will hand the leadership of our church over to a spiritual son.  We have been working on this plan
for the last five years.  Each step in
the process has been saturated in prayer. 
Tomorrow will be a day of celebration.

From the very
beginning, I knew God was leading Jan and me and our church to a good place. In fact, this feeling was so strong
about the goodness of God that He had me write a book about the subject titled,
A Good Place, that describes the
journey of our heart in times of change and transition.

In the last 33
years, I have learned one important lesson that has repeated itself in each new
assignment we have accepted.  We
have learned because God is good He is always leading us to a good place.  We are never without His goodness, even when
the pain and struggles of life are experienced.

Tomorrow morning,
as we gather to make this transfer of leadership, we will gather to celebrate
the goodness of God in our history and the coming goodness of God in our future
and in the future of Living Waters Church. 
This goodness is also your legacy. 
It is what you carry because you are called a child of God. You will
always be in a good place because God is with you.


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