God’s mercy is non-partisan. It is not prejudiced, nor does it belong to a single faith-affiliation or live only in one stream of revival or reformation thinking. Mercy knows no boundary, restriction or human limitation because it reflects the height, depth, and breadth of God’s love. 

God’s mercy recruits emotionally and spiritually healthy people to release its beauty and redemptive potential. It is an unimagined gift we bring to those written off by the merciless as unredeemable. Mercy-givers will lose friendships and a connection with the existing power structure.  Resources that once flowed from those relationships will begin to dry up because mercy-givers will appear to emotionally and spiritually immature people as traitors to a cause birthed out of division, separation, and exclusion. 

A redeeming history is always written about those who followed the path of mercy.  Walk in it and you will find beauty, clarity, and freedom. In that place, new relationships, a new resource base, and a new future are awaiting your arrival. 


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