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The Lord is sending individuals into frontiers of spiritual conflict to become Kingdom force multipliers. They will work in concert with people of very different faith expressions, so different it could be prematurely concluded the two groups could never get along, let alone work in unison. 

In military terms, a force multiplier is a tactical capability that when applied in a combat scenario dramatically increases the potential for mission success. Special operations groups like the Green Berets are considered a “force multiplier.” When these special ops units are embedded in a nation under conflict, they help to improve the combat capability and readiness of a foreign military force as they attempt to defend their nation.

These special ops units are not just about physical combat. In many cases, they are assigned to educate and train foreign forces on how to repel invaders using their existing national defense resources. Green Berets learn the language of the nation where they serve. They also study the politics, economics, and culture of the nation. These skills help them work more strategically with foreign forces.

In matters of the Spirit, the Lord is assigning some believers to join with individuals or faith groups to multiply their effectiveness in Kingdom endeavors. These assigned ones will be missionaries at heart willing to step across the borders of familiar relationships and environments to learn the culture, language, and relational dynamics of those they are called to serve. They go not trying to change people but to assist them to be more effective in their unique expression of faith. The hallmark of these spiritual Green Berets will be their ability to help people and faith groups flourish in their Kingdom assignment, even at the expense of their personal preferences. 

In the coming season, familiar faces will disappear from existing places of service to be deployed in clandestine assignments of the Spirit. They will become embedded in settings they would have never imagined. These spiritual force multipliers are not abandoning the faith as some would unwisely determine – they are following the leading of the Lord. What they are doing requires levels of courage unimagined by most of us. Their sacrifice will bring about strategic levels of victory that will advance the Kingdom of God and expedite the fulfillment of the Great Commission in ways only force multipliers can accomplish. 


  1. Linda


  2. Jonathan Khan

    Wow! It is amazing how modern military terms (such as force multipliers) align perfectly with biblical terminology. After reading the definition and function of force multipliers it is synonymous with apostles and the apostolic thrust of the church. May we enbrace authentic present day apostles and rhe apistolic anointing that we can exploit the kingdom of darkness and participate in the advancement of God’s kingdom.

    Yours in Christ,
    Apostle Jonathan Khan.

  3. Cheryl Ochoa

    My sister and one of my valued men of God~ only comments so far!
    I say Amen to both!
    And I am seeing and perceiving upcoming opportunities to be one of the Kingdom Force Multipliers! Timing designed by God alone has brought my husband and I to new spheres of influence; simultaneously doing Priscilla Shirer’s study on Armor of God, in depth! And now just today, my sister and I aware of another arena of sorts that I could be a light. She is visiting me and discovered it via brochure at coffee shop. We shall see where Holy Spirit leads…I am so blessed, so eager to be available where and when Jesus leads me.

  4. Riekie

    This is so relevant as I together with a small “task force” are about to leave on an assignment to a tiny country town of 100 people. Called by the Spirit to encourage these beautiful souls. I did not know this town existed until called. It’s thousands if miles away in the vastness of Australia’s south. God knows them and hears their cry. Thanks again Garris

  5. John James Anderson

    Glad to see SOF referenced in Kingdom terms. Another key feature of special forces as compared to traditional military is that SOF teams ALL know every detail of the mission and are cross-trained on one another’s assignments. Unity requires this!


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