Above the Clamor of Comment

by | Jan 8, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

After the assault on the Capital, many people felt a need to make a comment. It is understandable, but those comments are not always revelatory. Saying something is a valve we use to release the pressure of our angst, disgust, or anger at what transpired. For some, there is an added pressure to have to say something, especially if they are a leader and people look to them for direction. This need to make a comment affirms or reaffirms a position most of us already knew a leader held. Those comments rarely change anything or move us in a new direction.

What I want to hear are the voices of those who waited under an assignment from the Lord to not speak until all the emotional responses were vented. These individuals are not waiting for evidence to come in to confirm a particular set of facts. They are waiting for a word from the Lord. The ones given the initial assignment of silence are listening and formulating a Spirit-directed response that will stand the test of time and not be polluted by a need to make premature declarations or draw lines in the sand. 

These will be prophetic voices, not necessarily someone who is considered a prophet by calling. Their voice will rise above the clamor of social comment, even above the current prophetic clamor, and speak words that will bring understanding and hope. They will also provide the direction needed to move us forward into the better future God has planned. 


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