Prophetic words spoken long ago and forgotten by many will soon come to pass. God has not forgotten these words. They have been resting without ignition for this moment in history. When they are released, they will have explosive results.

I was prompted by the Lord to deliver this word by something I read this week. Near Frankfurt, Germany a 500-bomb dropped in the 1940s during World War II finally exploded. When the bomb was originally released it sank deep into the middle of a barley field without exploding. On June 23 the bomb finally detonated creating a large crater 33 feet wide and 13 feet deep. The bomb’s ignition system was a spinning fin on the tail of the bomb that drove a steel rod through a glass plate as the bomb fell to earth releasing corrosive acetone. The acetone dissolved celluloid discs to ignite the bomb. This bomb did not land at the correct angle. The steel rod was not able to penetrate the discs. It took over 70 years for the acetone to finally eat its way through the discs creating the explosion. The story of this bomb is a powerful metaphor for what we will see taking in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Prophetic words delivered in the past and have remained unfulfilled because the circumstance for their release had not yet appeared. Some of those words made no sense when they were initially delivered. Those who released those words were mocked because a context was not yet present to receive their instruction and direction.

Today, listen for the delayed detonations God will bring about to fulfill prophetic promise over your life, your family, and your nation. God can deliver the payload of a prophetic word at a future date. In some cases long after the person who spoke the word has passed.  Some of those words had a moment of fulfillment at a specific time in the distant future. 

Not all things are immediate in God’s Kingdom. A prophetic promise will many times lie buried for decades or even centuries before they make themselves known. When these delayed detonations take place, you will be in awe at the goodness of God and His impeccable timing.


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