Last week, I had a
three-hour layover at the Chicago O’Hare Airport. During the wait, I used the
time to schedule some appointments on my phone calendar, one being a conference
call. After I scheduled the conference call my next flight was announced. I got
up and continued my journey.

Yesterday, after
arriving home, I was reviewing my appointments for the coming week and noticed
my conference call was scheduled at the wrong time. My phone took the
information I had entered while waiting at the airport in the Central Time Zone
and logged in the appointment at that location resulting in a two-hour mistake.
My phone was thinking I would be making the call from Illinois, not from

There are times
when God will give you a word to speak and He will ask you to calendar the exact
time and place for its delivery. Along with the accurate content of a word
there is an equally important aspect of the word that ensures the proper timing
and context into which the word is to be delivered. You can deliver a word at
the wrong time and in the wrong place and actually miss the intended impact of
the word even if the word is filled with powerful content. 

Once you have a
word from God, ask Him about the timing of its delivery. Reaffirm that timing on
your Spirit-led calendar before you speak. Had I logged in to the conference
call at the wrong time the automated system that was tasked to activate the
call would have informed me the conference call no longer existed. I would have
missed an important conversation God wanted me to hear and I would have missed
the opportunity to deposit a word I believe God gave me to deliver during the
phone call.


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