Fifty-One Years Later

by | Feb 14, 2021 | Dreams, Eternity, Family, Favor, Future, Honor, Intimacy, Jesus, Joy, Love | 0 comments

This morning, as I look at the flowers and card I got for Jan, I think back to an evening fifty-one years ago when I took Jan on a spontaneous date. I entered our college cafeteria and saw her. We had been introduced a week or so earlier so I wasn’t a stranger. I walked up to Jan and said, “Hi, do you want to go get a taco instead of this cafeteria food?’’ She smiled and said yes. Since I had no car, we had to walk almost a mile to the nearest taco place. Valentine’s Day was only a day or two off and she already had a “real” date for that evening at a college event with a friend of mine. After the taco night, and the long walk back to campus in the dark stopping to talk and laugh along the way, I knew she was the girl I would always love. Together, with God’s mercy and grace, we have created a history – a wonderful history.


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