Heretical Homies

by | Sep 3, 2014 | Church, Fear, Honor, Leadership, Ministry, Truth | 1 comment

This morning, I read a Facebook post from a pastor who hosts a radio program. He shared how this had been a challenging week for him because he had some people call him a heretic. Along with a few other pastors, I responded to encourage him. I shared that I found out I was on a “heretic” watch list along with Jack Hayford, Billy Graham and Glenn Burris, Jr. I told the pastor he was in good company.

Some people armed with a computer, too much time on their hands and a very narrow perspective on life and faith can too easily condemn other people who fall outside their very limited viewpoint.

You will never cleanse the Church of rabid people who disagree with everyone outside their small, sandbagged intellectual compound. What you can do is not join in with their foolishness by assigning labels to people. Pause before you hit the “like” button. Research that tantalizing tidbit of gossip on social media to see if it is only a demeaning urban legend unworthy of sharing. We owe this to the world as our testimony of love.

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    Well said.


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